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This weekend saw one of the biggest street parties in the world take over London, with crowds of around a million people flooding the streets with a *vibrant sea of music, song and 笑声。

The Notting Hill Carnival, which took place Aug 28-29, is recognized as the largest street party in Europe, seeing *hordes from across the globe join together every summer to celebrate the many cultures of England’s 本钱。

But in these troubled times – with terrorist attacks, murder and religious tension being almost daily front page fixtures –is it appropriate to be spending the weekend dancing in the streets with wild abandon?

“Against adversity, people must stand up for themselves,” says Patrick Bullock, 53, an artist who builds floats for the parade each 年。
“面临下坡,人人都应该站起来。,一位53岁的能手,Patrick Bullock说。每年,他为狂欢节进行曲花车。。

“The smiles and dancing do not stop all weekend – the spirit of the carnival can’t be 被击碎的.


The festival, now in its 五十分之一的 year, made its debut in 1966, *albeit on a much smaller scale – around 1,000 people attended – and began as a way to encourage unity between the various groups who called London’s Notting Hill their 回家。

Creator Rhaune Laslett, herself half 美国褊狭的, half Russian, *formulated the first gathering in 1966, after being inspired by a 视觉。 “I could see the streets thronged with people in brightly colored costumes, they were dancing and following bands and they were happy,” she told the Caribbean Times in 1989.“Men, women, children, black, white, brown, all 笑.
狂欢节的创始人,Rhaune Laslett 是印度和现俄罗斯的杂交动物。灵感来自某处梦想,她打算了第一狂欢节1966。我能领会它。,民间的适合于正式场合的鲜明的衣物挤在在街上。,他们跟着用带绑扎舞会。,同性恋者无比,”1989年,她在接纳《加勒比海时报》掩护时说。。漠视雇工。、女子、幼稚的人、黑颜料、高加索语的、变成棕色使比赛,都胡卢大笑。”

During what was then a period of racial tension, Laslett believed that music and laughter were what was needed to unite the melting pot of nationalities in her west London 邻域。
社会如今成为种族强调。,和拉斯利特 置信,不料用带绑扎和笑声可以把意见分歧民族的大严峻的考验或磨难被拖。

“We felt that although West Indians, Africans, Irish and many other nationalities all live in a very *congested area, there is very little communication between us,” she explained in an interview in 1966, shortly after the first carnival took 的间隔。

Over the years, the party grew into its modern day form and now sees the streets swell with the sound of Caribbean steel drums, the aroma of *exotic street food, and the dancing of hundreds of thousands of diverse partygoers in fabulously *flamboyant 礼服。

“Our participants find themselves in a space of music, color and creativity which brings about the emotion of joy and encourages the freedom to express themselves with no *inhibitions,” says Debora Alleyne De Gazon, the carnival’s creative 导演。
笔者的合作者会显示证据,我在用带绑扎剧中、染与创意未填写的。它给民间的售得欢乐。,促进民间的变化无常的地表达本人。。狂欢节的创意总监,黛伯拉 Allenyne De Gazon 说道。

However, not everyone is queuing up to join in the festivities, despite the carnival’s all-inclusive 民族照顾。

“I can’t go out from my door on that day with all the rubbish around,” Fortuoso Cruz, a local resident, tells a London 报纸。 “Last year I had to throw some women out who trampled my garden to *wee in 那边。
那一天到晚,广为流传地都是渣滓。,我甚至不克不及走出这所屋子。,褊狭的常存于内存中的fortuoso 综合储备单位兹在接纳伦敦一家报纸掩护时说。。去岁,有各自的女子踩着我的庄园。,广为流传地撒尿,我不得不把他们都炸了。。”

But when a million people can come together for one weekend of eating, laughter and music – forgetting about life’s troubles for 48 hours – perhaps a few soiled lawns are a price worth 有利的.